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Industrial Air Service, Inc. has successfully combined vibration technology with compressor experience to offer predictive maintenance programs that work.

It is critically important to know where to take vibration readings and to understand the meaning of the signals. Customers rely on Industrial Air Service, Inc. for this service and in the process save thousands in maintenance expense and compressor downtime.

A compressor monitoring program is tailored to meet the needs of each customer. Industrial Air Service, Inc. will conduct an initial meeting to explain and demonstrate the process using their portable equipment. Then, quarterly visits are made to take readings and to trend the data.

These programs have been particularly effective when used as a predictive maintenance safeguard for centrifugal compressors. The example below is for a customer operating Ingersoll-Rand , model Centac compressors. Industrial Air Service, Inc. has an edge when working with these units because of previous OEM experience as a Field Service Technician and Service Manager.


Monitoring Program

There are 4 main parts to this program.


The inspection will record pertinent data from over 40 key items. Special attention is given to critical indicators such as temperature and pressure differentials across the unit for air, oil and coolant.

Vibration data will be measured in three axis - at each motor bearing, at the compressor bull gear and at each stage. This data will be analyzed for unusual activity, trended for change and stored for later comparison. Imbalances, misalignment, bearing faults, bearing wear, electromagnetic vibration and aerodynamic imbalance are typical of the faults that may be identified through frequency analysis of vibration.




The electromagnetic signature of the motor will be recorded as an additional indicator of motor health. Field abnormalities in the motor and broken rotor bars are typical of detectable faults.


Oil samples will be taken at the motor bearings and compressor. Testing of these samples will include Spectrographic Analysis, 17 elements (wear metals, contaminant elements, additive elements), viscosity, water (percent volume), solids (percent volume) and total acid.


All the data is analyzed together using experience to form conclusions. This makes a confirmation of developing problems possible that would otherwise be elusive or misdiagnosed when using only one procedure. The report will correlate results, comparing present data to previous data and conditions.

Recommendations will be made as to the nature of detected changes or faults with relative severity indicated based on rate of change, past history and experience with similar units. All routine items (gauges, filters, etc.) that need attention will be noted in the report.


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Success Stories

The following are a few examples that illustrate how Industrial Air Service, Inc. can save you money and improve the reliability of you compressors.

Case History #1

An aerospace company has had two air compressors on an Industrial Air Service, Inc. monitoring program since 1989. In the summer of 1990, after tracking vibration data from one of their Centac Model II3C60M3 machines for 6 months, Industrial Air Service, Inc. discovered problems with the bull gear. Through the use of trend analysis, they recommended that the customer inspect the bearings on the bull gear.

The inspection confirmed that the bearings were defective. The monitoring program prevented a catastrophic failure – saving the customer over $70,000 in repair cost and downtime. This company is now a strong supporter of vibration monitoring.


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Case History #2

Industrial Air Service, Inc. had monitored the 3 compressors (3 Ingersoll-Rand , Model Centac ), at an automobile company, for 3 years when it became evident that one of the machines was developing serious problems with a thrust bearing in its third stage pinion. Trend analysis of the existing data indicated that the machine was headed for failure in the coming months. After a review of both the process data and vibration data, a meeting was held to make a decision on the possible upcoming overhaul of this compressor.

The customer did not want to stop the machine because of existing budget conditions. Industrial Air Service, Inc. recommended changes to the water flow which directly affected the performance of the third stage. These changes improved the thermal efficiency of the machine and resulted in a reduction of the vibration signature that had been trending. This action resulted in the customer being able to operate in a safe manner until the new budget year.


The changes in the cooling water arrangement resulted in an annual savings of $14,400. The customer expanded their contract to include three chillers, which have turbine driven centrifugal compressors.

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Case History #3

A glass company has been on a monitoring program with Industrial Air Service, Inc. for many years. They operate 2 Ingersoll-Rand , Model Centac compressor without the luxury of back up compressors.

One summer, Industrial Air Service, Inc. was able to detect the coming failure of the second stage thrust bearings on one of the units. This advanced warning enabled the customer to avoid a catastrophic failure. They were able to correct the problem with parts on hand. No other repairs were necessary, and recent tests indicate that the compressor is again running well. This type of early knowledge has helped the customer with timely repairs to the oil pump on their other machine.

Considering the fact that the customer does not have any back up air, the proper operation of their compressors is crucial to their production. The Industrial Air Service, Inc. program proved itself by eliminating both production and repair costs that could have been extreme.

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Case History #4

An automobile plant with several centrifugal air compressors has used Industrial Air Service, Inc. for several years. With the accurate monitoring of an Ingersoll-Rand , Model Centac 1ACII30M2, the coming failure of a second stage bearing was tracked and predicted accurately. The resulting overhaul required only a few days to perform and the machine was back on line and doing well. Needless repairs were not performed. The first stage pinion, which was running well, was not removed for unnecessary balancing.

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Case History #5

A firearms company has had their rotary screw and Ingersoll-Rand , Model Centac compressors on the Industrial Air Service, Inc. program for years. They have saved 2 catastrophic failures with their centrifugal machines. Trend analysis has also detected a coming failure with the bearings in a motor driver for one of their rotary screw compressors. The customer estimated, in a recent meeting, that the program has given them a savings of more than $100,000.


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Additional Services


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The specialty of this service allows Industrial Air Service, Inc. to customize a program to help any customer. A short interview over the telephone is needed to determine the best way to accomplish the goals of your project. If you would like a quotation or would like to learn more e-mail monitoring@compressorwise.com to send your request. Please be sure to include your phone number, location and the make and model of your compressors in your e-mail message.

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